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In St. Petersburg, FL, deferred action lawyer support from National Immigration Law Group, PLLC can help petition for deferment. These programs have helped many immigrants transition into becoming U.S. citizens. We welcome you to our office to discuss your options at reasonable attorney rates.

Deferred action provides illegal immigrants and children of immigrants a period of time before removal proceedings begin, or you are actually deported. If approved, there will be a discretionary period in which the United States will determine whether an individual is eligible to apply for citizenship or deported to their country of origin. With the U.S. Dream Act, this is especially important for childhood arrivals. If you came into the country before 16 years of age and are currently 31 or younger, you can apply for this legal deferment.

As your attorney, we will help you review your eligibility for this federal program and help you apply for deferment. We will also act as your legal advocate in negotiations and court proceedings when necessary. We have 10 years of experience with immigration law, and are aware of the current laws and regulation changes in the United States. You will have an aggressive, compassionate attorney by your side throughout the process.

For excellent legal service with a people-friendly approach, work with a St. Petersburg, FL, deferred action lawyer from the National Immigration Law Group, PLLC today. We have flexible appointments available, and translators available by request. We also work with individuals and families in Tampa and Clearwater.